Short Films

Baking Boys

A group of Aussie men, from all ages and backgrounds, form a baking club known as “The Baking Boys.” Here, all men are welcome to come and discuss their personal issues while bonding with new friends.

Writer/Director: Jack Cooper
Director of Photography: Billy Crombie
Editor: John Gilmore
Camera Assist: Joshua Braybrook

A Moment of Attraction

Writer/Director: Matthew Doherty
Producer: Joshua Braybrook
Director of Photography: Kade Neale
Editor: Alexei Mackenzie
Sound: Sam Butson
Music Composer: Matthew Laffan


The perfect plan in place, a bank robbery without a hitch till the small problem awaiting the getaway vehicle. 

Writer/Director: Johnathan Woodhams
Cinematographer: Ashleigh Royle & Joshua Braybrook


Pitching isn't ideal, for two developers pitching what could be the greatest video game ever released they're blocked by the worlds greatest enemy; censorship.

Writer/Director: Johnathan Woodhams
Cinematographer: Joshua Braybrook & Ashleigh Royle

Film Bizarre

A satirical spin on a classic noir, "Film Noir Bizarre" follows the story of a detective, a reporter, a producer and a seductive dame who all get tangled up in a complicated web of ulterior motives and dystopian sensibilities.

Writer/Director: Lachlan Brown
Camera Assist: Joshua Braybrook

Human Inside

Human Inside is a Sci-Fi/Horror/Comedy set in a fictional utopia, which 'Red Tags' criminals when caught.

Actor: Joshua Braybrook

Monkey Business

Writer/Director: Lachlan Brown
Camera Assist: Joshua Braybrook

Genre Series

Genre Twosion

The comedic sequel to Genre Fusion, featuring an additional character and seven new genres.

Writer/Director: Lachlan Brown
Camera Operator (Platoon Scene): Joshua Braybrook

Genre Inclusion

The 3rd installment in the Genre Fusion series, with fresh faces in cameo roles. 6 new genres and a whole lot of fun!
Writer/Director: Lachlan Brown and Joshua Monaghan
Camera Operator: Joshua Braybrook & Lachlan Brown